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About Roya Homes

Real estate is a powerful thing. Where you live becomes the center of your universe, your “home base” and a place where memories are made. Even an investment property can have a profound effect on your life’s story. When chosen correctly, it becomes long-term financial freedom and a vital part of your well-diversified portfolio.

With my background in Civil Engineering, I have always been in a close relationship with real estate. After receiving BSc in Civil engineering in 2001 and MSc in Earthquake engineering in 2005, I have built, designed, and consulted several high-rise buildings in Iran and Dubai. Also, I am a Ph.D. holder in Structural Eng. and a member of the scientific board of the Azad University of Tehran. As a university professor, I have educated lots of students and supervised numerous thesis in structural engineering. In one word, real estate has been my whole life career.

These experiences instilled in me the technics it takes to build a powerful real estate agent in British Colombia. Moreover, after immigration, I always knew that I wanted to chart a path helping others, and found my true calling in real estate serving my clients like my family and guiding them through one of the biggest investments of their lives. As your real estate agent, I will be an advocate for you.

Whether you are buying, selling, or investing, I will work tirelessly to promote your best interests. If you are selling, I will work with you to get you the fairest price, in the least amount of time, by using state-of-the-art technology, team collaboration, and marketing materials. If you are buying, I will work hard to provide you with the best information and market data to inform and assist you so you can be a well-equipped buyer with the strongest possible negotiating position.

I understand that buying and selling real estate can be stressful. As a full-time real estate agent, I will work hard to lower your stress level and make your experience as pleasurable as possible. I will accomplish this through constant communication and by being accessible whenever you need me.

I am here to keep the process smooth, successful, and as low-stress as possible. I am proud of my scientific background, reputation for excellent negotiation skills, cutting-edge marketing, and invaluable connections, both locally and globally. I have been an area resident since 2013 and I recognize the unique characteristics and benefits of living and working in various beautiful areas in British Colombia. When not assisting clients, I enjoy spending time with my wife and my two lovely kids.

I feel incredibly blessed to work with amazing clients who become my friends and a strong part of my network. It would be a pleasure and an honor to work for you.


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